my nest is best

Combating idealistic house dreaming with gratitude for what I currently have… But for the sake of #authenticity, I will share one imperfection for every beautiful thing.

02.03.2020 | House-2

The light that streams from our bathroom window is one of the most beautiful parts of my home. Every time I look in this mirror I look better than my camera tells me.

02.03.2020 | House-1

And then the back of the bathroom door and the time we learned not to keep anxious dogs in the bathroom while running errands.


02.03.2020 | House-3

The stunning tin ceilings in the original side of the farmhouse that I spent hours painting with glossy white paint. I’ll have to share “before” photos some time.

02.03.2020 | House-4 And in contrast, the carpet in the 1970s addition. It has a few bare patches and smells like a mix of chinese takeout and my father-in-law.


11.16.2019 | Family-1

This woodstove ❤ need I say more? We couldn’t afford to live without wood heat, or without this house for that matter.


And last, the chimney before we added the tin. We lived with it like this for two years and I would have nightmares about losing my children based off of it’s charred state. Thanks to the tin tiles (and some personal work), that is no longer an issue!

 Quite a few of my future posts are going to have to do with my home, and therefore are going to require photos in the house. Posting my photo-an-hour entry was difficult, because my home is so far from where I want to be. It’s falling apart, messy, and dark. We eat packaged food, play with plastic toys, and my children don’t wear ethically made clothing in beautiful neutral shades. It’s all very un-instagram worthy, but hey, this isn’t instagram and already I decided that I would share real things here.

Stay tuned for that “top secret, life-changing” project that I mentioned last fall. It is most likely to be very underwhelming, but time is running out and I need to get it started!

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